The Way Of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) – Brandon Sanderson

The Way Of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) – Brandon Sanderson

The Way of King is the best work of Sanderson so far. The book is the whole thing you need in a classic fantasy series that aspires to triumph over A Wheel of Time for the best epic fantasy series. This was the most excellent fantasy book at this point for many book readers out there.

This is the story of mankind after it has been thrown from paradise and onto Roshar, a place lashed by never-ending supernatural storms. Millenia of strenuous battle with the pursuit that accountable have left mankind a shadow of what they once were and of their merciless opponent that swiftly gone they have only legends.

The story focuses on a handful of characters, including Kaladin. He is an extraordinary slave with living death punishment; his job is a bridge runner on the Shattered Plains. As anticipated, the world is a reprehensible place for a typical individual. Put into the mess a supernatural killer who murders kings at urge, the human being is viewed as second class inhabitants by the elvish race, super-hero ability magical armor extremely invaluable which empires rise and fall by it. The magic system is cool, so you have to expect that as it is written by Sanderson.

There’s no hope of any type of resolution taking place in this book. This sets the podium up and places the players for things to come. However, in spite of being the first series, the writer is successful in throwing the readers into the coming fight.

If you love epic fantasy, then you will surely love The Way of Kings of Sanderson. If you enjoy reading Name of the Wind, A Song of Ice and Fire as well as Wheel of Time, for sure you will also find this epic fantasy book amazing. In fact, there are many reviews out there telling how exceptional this book was. It also received high ratings on Amazon.

This has the whole thing you want in an epic fantasy book. There is magic. There is action, and the plots are detailed. The world is detailed. There are relentless and powerful opponents that need to be stopped. You will surely be impressed by this book.

In the past couple of years, the fantasy type of store has moved forward. Those who are reading fantasy books for many decades have seen a considerable change in the kind of fantasy books being published today. For the most part, the fantasy store has matured and changed a lot. Gray characters, as well as gray settings and plots, seem to be on the rage today. However, from time to time, some like to sink their teeth into an outdated and evil fantasy setting. A book wherein evil ad good are delineated clearly. There’s no mistaking who the bad and good men are in this book. The write of this epic fantasy book doesn’t attempt to impress the readers with anything revolutionary when it comes to plot. A lot of readers are happy as Sanderson is able to use up his creative telling a superior old tall story.

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