The Magicians (Magicians Trilogy) – Lev Grossman

The Magicians (Magicians Trilogy) – Lev Grossman

Most of the people want to read the adult fantasy novels and they can prefer The Magicians: A Novel. They are happy to engage in the world of this special adult fantasy novel from the famous American author Lev Grossman.  Viking Press has published this novel in 2009. This novel tells the story of a young man Quentin Coldwater who discovers and also attends a secret college of magic located in New York. 

The most interesting theme 

It is the right time to focus on the plot of The Magicians: A Novel.  Quentin Coldwater is a high school student. He along with his friends Julia and James attend the advanced school. He has a crush on the series of books namely Fillory and Further. This series involves the children of the family of Chatwin discovering Fillory, a Namia-esque land.  Quentin interviews at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy in its place on the day of his Princeton Interview. This is the only school for magic located in North America and accepts only 20 students. Though Julia attends the exam, she fails as her memory is wiped to prevent her from remembering the existence of the magic or school itself as per protocol. 

Quentin Coldwater likes to become an expert in the magic after beginning his studies at Brakebills. However, he understands that magic is too difficult for him to learn as each spell has to be varied in different ways and based on loads of important factors like the closest body of water and the phase of the moon. Old and lost languages in the curriculum increased his difficulties for learning. There are so many hand positions involved in every aspect of the magic.  He and his classmates namely Alice and Penny move up by compressing the first year of their studies. 

Get 100% entertainment 

Almost every reader of this novel is happy because a thrilling and original novel regarding a young man who has been practicing the best magic in the real world.  Though Quentin Coldwater is brilliant, he is miserable.  He is a senior in high school and secretly preoccupied with loads of fantasy novels from his childhood. He sets in the magical land namely Fillory. He is very surprised when he is unexpectedly admitted to the secret and exclusive college of magic. He uses every chance to successfully receive a rigours and thorough education in the craft of the sorcery.  He also finds other things he and his friends learn in the college like friendship, love, boredom, sex and booze. 

Magic does not bring the most expected adventure and happiness for Quentin. After successfully completed his education, he and his friends make the best discovery. They find that Fillory is real. On the other hand, fantasies of Quentin turn out to be dark and more dangerous than what he could have imagined. He finds that all his childhood dreams come as a nightmare with a shocking truth. The magicians boldly move into terror of uncharted literary type and imagine magic performed by real people with their volatile emotions. 

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