Read The Golem and the Dijinni novel

Read The Golem and the Dijinni novel

Novels based on the historical fiction and fantasy themes encourage readers to read and recommend such novels to others. The Golem and the Dijinni is one of the most famous debut novels. This novel is written by Helene Wecker. Harper published this novel in 2013. This novel tells the story of displaced magical creatures in NYC in 19th century.

Interesting characters in the novel

Yehudah Schaalman is a corrupt kabbalist in the Polish town Konin makes a golem in the shape of a woman as per the request from the young person Otto Rotfeld who expects a lot to have a submissive wife. Rotfeld dies because sea voyag to the NYC and leave the newly awakened golem in the unfamiliar surroundings. A rabbit takes in the golem and named her Chava and begins teaching her to pass as human among different groups of people residing in NYC at the end of the 19th century. 

A tinsmith in Little Syria in New York accidentally frees a jinni from a flask which is used to imprison him for centuries. The jinni is virtually powerless and trapped in the human form as no memory of how he was subdued. He takes Ahmad name and apprentices with the tinsmith while seeking how to return to his natural form.  Ahmad and Chava eventually meet. They become friends and have different views on being not human while living in the world for humans.

Ahmad holds a jaded view on the way to humanity and also engages in the hedonistic pursuits. On the other hand, Chava cares and seeks to be more human. Creator of the Chava comes to New York while influence of the Chava and Ahmad on the lives of people around them comes to the climax. This situation turns out to be a re-embodiment of the evil sorcerer who trapped him with an intention to enslave them both.

Extraordinary theme to excite readers

The entire theme of The Golem and the Dijinni is excellent and encouraging every reader to read it once again. This novel so far receives positive reviews and many readers of this popular novel recommend it to others. An author of this novel writes it in the skilful manner. The writing style of this novel is nicely evoking different layers of alienness which falls upon the strangers in the strange land.

This story is filtered via the old-time hustle and bustle of the popular lower east side. This inventive story impresses everyone especially those who like the novels elegantly written by specialists. Ancient backstory of Jinni in this novel gets swamped by pages. Every beginner to this novel is amazed and encouraged to read it from the beginning to end. They will be eager, confident and happy to suggest this novel to others.

Other things in so many pages of this novel are historical minutiae and the melodrama of the quest of sorcerer for eternal life. This famous novel was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for the Best Novel and the Nebula Award for the Best Novel. This novel won the 2014 Mythopoeic Award.   

The Golem and the Dijinni novel

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