Gods of Jade and Shadow – Brief Review

Gods of Jade and Shadow – Brief Review

It can take a while until you find a great book. There are many offers on the market, but they mostly cannot satisfy the needs of an average reader. Still, high-quality books are out there and many popular reviews describe the most interesting parts of those stories. By following some of the positive reviews, you can get deep into the world of excellent books. 

They can be combined with different genres, and some are fiction related stories, while others are based on true facts.

Gods of Jade and Shadow, for example, is a fiction story, which has gained a serious number of praises from the public. That’s why the book has maintained a very high rating on popular book marketplaces, such as Amazon. 

The main plot is placed in Mexico in 1920, and the story is a mixture of Mayan mythology and the country’s culture colored by the Mexican folklore. The main character in Gods of Jade and Shadow is a young girl who lives in a small town during that time. She is a member of a wealthy family, and they do not have any financial issues. Still, she is not satisfied with the location because the town is too little and too poor for her taste. The girl is sure her life would look much better if she lives at some other bigger and wealthier town.

However, she strongly believes such a life is far away from reality until she finds a mysterious box in her grandpa’s house. Something very powerful is hidden and locked inside, and the girl is not aware of that at first. But she decides to open the box, and the Mayan god comes out when she removes the box’s door. 

He was defeated by his bother during a fight for a throne, so his spirt ended-up in the book after the loss. Still, the god is finally free again thanks to the girl, and that’s the moment when a real adventure begins. This situation potentially opens many opportunities for the girl because the god now wants her as his ally in a further battle. He will ask her to help him to return back to the throne, and he also promises different favors if they succeed with this goal. 

So the girl might have a chance to achieve everything she wants, and she might possibly move to some other bigger and better place.

The adventure will take her to various beautiful and exciting locations all over the country, and she will experience different types of events at those places.

The god will be close to her as well, and they will travel and fight side by side. If this sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate to jump over to Amazon to find a lot more details on the matter. A starting part of the story is visible to all, and the book has a modest price, so it will not break down your budget.

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