Assassin’s Apprentice (The Farseer) – (Robin Hobb)

Assassin’s Apprentice (The Farseer) – (Robin Hobb)

It was in 1995 April a novel named Assassin’s Apprentice was published. Gaining enormous positive reviews, this novel impressed many novel readers with its fantasy genre. It was represented as the first series in “The Farseer Trilogy” and it was in this novel the characters were highly praised by a popular reviewer Adam Miller and he quoted that the characters were really deep and complex. The single owner for all these appreciations was none other, a woman who is the author of this novel and she is popularly called Robin Hobb. Being an American writer she has contributed her tremendous works to English literature and one of the most notable novels contributed by her was this Assassin’s Apprentice. Here are the glimpses of story which will undoubtedly make the novel readers to move upon reading the full novel.

Enjoyable fantasy story

This novel revolves around a character named Fitz who is a royal bastard. Fitz is a young boy who has an inbound ability within himself which is to use “the wit” and this wit is nothing but an ancient magic which is also disreputable one. This skill of magic inside Fitz makes him to easily converse with animals and this makes the readers to deeply move in to the novel. Fitz father Chivalry abdicates him to escape and finally this young energetic boy comes under the care of his own biological father. Fitz grows up slowly and he faces miserable difficulties in his life since he is a royal bastard. Burrich, buckkeep’s master of animals takes Fitz under his wings and Fitz moves on his life by working under Burrich. It is during this time Burrich comes across the other hidden skills of Fitz which an ordinary boy will never possess. The kingdom where Fitz resides meets out terrible threats from the raiders who actually leave their own victims devoid. King struggles a lot and he uses everything to protect his reign. Now our hero Fitz gets a chance of meeting the king and here he uses all his astonishing skills which greatly help the king. Fitz starts his assassin training here and this makes him to face vast hardships. He starts facing more difficulties throughout his missions. Also Fitz plays a key role to save his uncle Verity and his kingdom from the hands of Regal who is greedy and ambitious. Novel moves around these situations making readers also to involve in it.

General analysis

This novel is said to be highly rich in environment and the depth of the characters. Readers can enjoy the brilliant relationship between Burrich and Fitz and also Fitz and Regal which are effectively thought out by the novelist Hobb. There is no character in this novel which seems to have two dimensions and this makes the entire novel to flow so well. This entire tale is expressed using first – person narrative were the hero Fitz sits down to recount his old memories. Fitz becomes much older when the tale begins and these concepts make the readers really more enjoyable. It is surely a worth reading novel and the readers will usually get immersed in to the story very deeply.

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