The Starless Sea – Brief Book Review

The Starless Sea – Brief Book Review

If you are a passionate book reader, you are most likely in a constant search for interesting stories. Fortunately, the Internet provides numerous opportunities. Most books are published in an online version, so you can read them directly from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. It is a truly nice possibility, especially when you find something quality to read. 

There are luckily many new titles on the market, and some are published by renowned and famous authors. They have everything an average reader needs, however, the public is not aware of those books because they recently hit the stores and readers have not spread the word about them yet. The Starless Sea, for example, is an excellent story written by Erin Morgenstern, a New York Times bestselling author. It is hard to underestimate the potential The Starless Sea has despite the fact it is quite recently published.

The Starless Sea follows the life of Zachary Ezra Rawllins, a graduate student from Vermont. At first, he is just like any of his colleagues, however, some sudden events change his life entirely. Zachary discovers an old book that lies hidden in the stacks, and that’s the moment when the mystery begins.

He starts to reading he content almost right away, and the tales of key collectors and lovelorn prisoners are first he finds within the pages.

Strangely, Zachary quickly realizes it is a story from his childhood. But it was just a small beginning of the discovering. New things Zachary finds are secret keys, a sword, and a bee, and these items lead him to the secret club in New York and a hidden ancient library that is located deep under the core of the Earth. 

These places open an exciting opportunity for Zachary, and he is able to find not just an object with a big collection of books, but also a hidden place with lovers who share notes under the door, a ton of lost cities and seas as well as books whispered by the dead. This hidden place is not totally secret for all. Many, in fact, know very well the place really exist, and some of those have helped to stay hidden from our world.

Zachary becomes aware of that quite fast, and he is sure many have involved a serious effort to keep this secret world far away from the eyes of other people. There are also some of those evil enemies who would love to destroy this exciting place, however, Mirabel and Dorian are there to prevent any plans of destruction.

They are young, strong and dangerous and present a real nightmare for the enemies. So the destruction is truly a problematic plan for all those who attempt to do something like that. Readers, however, have a chance to find out many more interesting details from the book, and this is just a type of the iceberg. The book is affordable and suitable even for people with a low budget, and you can find it on Amazon

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