The Shadow Rising: Book 4 of the Wheel of Time Review

The Shadow Rising: Book 4 of the Wheel of Time Review

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The shadow rising is the fourth novel of Wheel of time series. This novel is one of the most influential and more popular fantasy epic in this era. This novel is written by Robert Jordan who is one of the famous and a well known novel writer. He was born in 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina. He began his writing in 1977 and stated the wheel of time(R), which is one of the most and the best selling series in the history of fantasy.

The best thing about reading this series of book is it will give a reminder of how long it is and wish not to end. This really got an epic time around and at the time when Rand decided to go and visit the Aiel waste and through this process he discovered himself much than before. As he started to grow and came to understand that destiny cannot be avoided and so he grits his teeth and he got with the pattern. He already knows what he needs to do and how to defeat the darkness. He should fulfill the prophecy to find the true people to him and the people of dragon. This not only the story just about Rand and also if it only was like that it will be boring. Though this story does have the standard fantasy, the world is much complex of that. In the faction which attempts to do well, the white cloaks, they are misguided and do very stupid things. They are most noble-hearted men and remains true to their cause but still they cannot identify what is evil and what is good. Sometimes they try to guide the mankind and give a gentle push than to control him directly. The main Gandalf managed it in the Lord of the rings.

In this novel, despite of all the murkiness, the one character which remains absolutely true to the friends and also him is Perrin. This book remains as the first taste of the real heroism. He is the character who looks forward to see the battle between the Rand and Mat in the battle. Though it was not Mat’s finest hour, there is a little portion of him in the book. He follows Rand and gets a new weapon and though it is explained. The plot in the book has progressed a great deal; at some times it feels like Jordan is struggling with too many characters. The individual character arcs are also improving and the girls rely on each other than surviving on their own. But at the book, they should very establishing and just emerging.

This is the most loving fantasy series which continues to get as better as the characters which are being built upon. We have found that the readers like to find the additional reader reviews, everyone will love this fantasy novel more the thriller or the comedic series. It is absolutely enjoying story which is filled with twists and adventures which makes the readers to deeply enjoy this book.

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