Read The Novel’s Extra novel

Read The Novel’s Extra novel

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Novel belongs to the categories like comedy, action, drama, fantasy, school life and psychological catch the attention of people of every age group with a desire to read a good novel and make the leisure as enjoyable as possible. The Novel’s Extra is one of the best and most successful novels rich in entertaining things beyond expectations of all readers.

Kim Hajin is the main character of this novel. Waking up, he finds himself in a familiar environment, however an unfamiliar body. The world he has created himself and the most unique storyline he wrote never finished. He had become his novel’s extra that is a filler character with no significance to the actual story. There is a clue to escape from this unfavourable situation. This clue is to stay close to the actual storyline.  On the other hand, the problem starts when he finds out the world is not entirely same to his creation.

Exciting things in the novel

There are loads of exciting things about the main character of this novel Kim Hajin. These things increase the eagerness of all readers of this novel to read it from the beginning to end as pleasant as possible. Kim Hajin is described in this novel as having an average appearance at the beginning of this famous novel. On the other hand, this novel becomes more distinguishable later through the ever-growing charm stat of this special character.

Beginners and regular readers of this novel are eager to know things take place next. They think out of the box and guess what happen to the main character in different situations. They are eager to predict favourable and unfavourable things associated with this character and willing to find actual things happen in this novel.

Kim Hajin is very kind to his friends and also allies. However, he is merciless to his foes. He loses his temper easily when made something fun of due to a God complex particularly from some creatures he has created personally. He gets triggered while discovering the major changes hinder his objectives in the novel. These objectives are made by the co-author. It is the right time to focus on the history of this novel.

Read an outstanding novel

The author Kim Hajin goes on an interval for a long period of time as his block on a popular novel namely “The Returnee Hero” recognized for its several characters and the world building. He receives an email from an unknown person asking to give permission for rewriting the novel. He accepts such request subsequent to a careful deliberation, however suddenly awakens in a familiar environment with an unfamiliar body.  

After sometimes, he realizes that he has become an extra Kim Chundong in the novel he has created. He needs to adapt to the world he was thrown in for the purpose of surviving. He uses the power and expertise of his laptop given t him by the co-author to help him out. You may wish to know about the Kim Chundong. Kim Chundong was the famous sole survivor of the Kwang-oh incident where nine heroes and many civilians were massacred by Djinns. 

The Novel’s Extra novel

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