The Dark Tower 1: The Gunslinger book review

The Dark Tower 1: The Gunslinger book review

In this initial book of its intelligent series, the Stephen King introduces his most enigmatic heroes such as Roland of Gilead, the last gunslinger. He is actually a haunting figure and a loner on the spell binding journey into evil and good. In his desolate world, the Roland pursues the man in black and also encounters an alluring woman named as Alice and starts a friendship with the children from earth known as Jake. However, both grippingly realistic and the gunslinger leaves the readers very keenly awaiting a next chapter. Once you start reading this book, you grab into the quiet mode as fully and quickly as the gunslinger.

This series can frequently take some time to plunge you as a reader, probably because of the unfamiliarity of characters, but also the new place names and location as well. Moreover, this book also hooks you from a very first page from the very initial sentence. In this story, the author has slowly revealed its own replica style and also cautiously releases the worlds and people involved as he conveys the reader on a specific journey. This particular series have a special place in everyone’s heart. This is because, the king is so famous as well as so successful and he is greatly criticized. More frequently, this book can be bulky tomes that guide to a cry of stuffing and filler from his naysayers.

However, this gunslinger is moderately a short book around 200 page marks and utterly perfect for those surprised on the dark tower series. It can be very easy to read in the day and there is no abundance of world characterization and building, which indicates the starting of several epic fictional series. In the gunslinger story, the Stephen King invents the readers as one of his most mysterious heroes. Once you have read so far, you look back the entire books, definitely the gunslinger does a good begin off with one of the excellent opening sentences as ‘The man in black fled across the desert’ and also then gunslinger followed as well. Without any doubt, this story will possibly come back to its sentence and anyone can re-read. Also, there are several things available that directly jump to your mind while you read the first sentence of this narrative. In this story, the character of Roland is marvelous and everyone instantly likes his character after reading at even first time. The personality of all characters is also very nice and good as well. Another essential part of this book that comes to appreciate is that the explanation of many things, which are absolutely eye-opener to the readers. After many times of re-read, everybody lead themselves and also attempt to extend their feelings throughout the year. Overall, the gunslinger is a different reading experience that invents you to a better extent and also quite difficult main protagonist who is a magnificent and a rich world that will enlarge itself minimum fold, when the series continues.

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