Read Swallowed Star novel online free

Read Swallowed Star novel online free

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Every novel from I Eat Tomatoes xianxia novel series is rich in entertaining things and encouraging all readers to read these novels whenever they get the free time. It is the suitable time to read an unbiased review of the popular novel Swallowed Star and make a decision to get this novel without delay. This novel is different from other novels as it is being based on the science fiction rather than the fantasy theme. Luo Feng is the main character of the novel Swallowed Star. He is a young high schooler with an interest to become a Fighter in 2056. Though becoming a qualified fighter is not an easy task, he is willing to become a fighter. Fighting skills are the elite of the human to protect humanity from extinction especially by the monsters.

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An RR virus in 2015 came into being and killed 2 billion humans. This virus was one of the most deadly viruses. This virus spread to animals and caused mutations among so many survivors worldwide. On the other hand, these mutations made humans smart and strong besides loads of positive changes. The Grand Nirvana was begun in a 6-year period which lasted until 2021, the humanity was attacked by monsters’ waves which were virtually immune to the overall traditional weaponry.  Many nations in the world were collapsed and billions of humans died. However, residents in America, China, India, European Union and Russia only able to survive long enough for protecting themselves in armoured and gigantic cities. The fighter was born during this time period with an ability to go toe to toe with the monsters and defeat monsters.

There is an uneasy balance in the next three and a half decade begun to exist between the monsters and the humanity. All qualified human fighters protect their cities and hunt monsters. Though monsters fight each other and hunt fighters, there were so many optimistic changes for humans. In this situation, monsters continue to develop and become stronger than humanity. Luo Feng becomes a successful fighter in this battle to save the humanity from extinction. Readers of this exclusive novel based on the science fiction do not fail to get an enhanced amusement and interests to explore the world specified in this novel.

Enjoy your leisure time

In the year 2056, residents in the city located in the Yuan Jiang Su Jin, the hero of this story reveals his battle skills and save the humanity in all the possible ways. He is a teenager wearing militaristic trousers, a combat vest, alloyed battle boots and sitting in the shattered six story residential apartment located on top of a ruined city. There is a hexagonal shield on his back which is equipped well along with the blood-shadow battle knife. He silently sits on the roof’s edge. There was shining nature of the sparkling sky, refreshing breath within the air blew on the way to him. There was only silence in the deserted and ruined city with an occasional howl which makes the heart of all readers skip a beat.   

Read Swallowed Star novel online

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