La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One Review

La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One Review

Enjoy reading the twists and adventures in “The book of dust volume 1 – La Belle Sauvage”

In the adventurous story “The book of dust volume 1 – La Belle Sauvage”, the popular writer Philip Pullman pulls us back towards the universe as it as in his “His Dark Materials” series. The readers are being transported back to 11 years and the entire story runs around a character named Malcolm Polstead. Malcolm’s parents are running an inn which is named as “The Trout” and it is located exactly few miles away from the Oxford colleges and the inn is situated near the banks of the river Thames. Just opposite to the river Thames, there lies the Priory of God stow, which is the home of a nuns group.

The curious boy – Malcolm:

Malcolm is a boy who is often very curious and he helps his parents by looking up the waiting tables in their inn and through his work he developed the art of deeply listening and watching. He studies in a local school and by the way he also helps his parents, along with that he also carries a plan learning trade from which he can shine earning money. From serving tables he is drawn towards the most complicated dealings which are highly dangerous and this carries the adventuring concepts throughout the book. Like the book “His dark materials”, here in this book we see a great trouble between the malevolent powers inside the church and the scientist as two groups. The church people are trying to control the people and on the other hand the scientists try to control the universe.

Unique adventure theme:

In the middle of the book other important characters like Lyra who is the infant daughter, Lord Asriel who is the great explorer and Mrs. Coulter who is merely mysterious play a vital role. However this book is like the British adventure stories written by authors like Arthur Ransom and Enid Blyton. The interesting twist in this book is that the church creates a special league for all children and the children who enroll attentively are being enthralled with their own power which makes them start accusing their teachers. The play yards of Malcolm and his school becomes to be a microcosm suddenly and Malcolm become aware which makes him to learn how to be careful with others.

The next important thing which the readers can learn is fully about the people surrounded by Malcolm who are not divided by evil and good. Some people met by Malcolm are really good people but some others were extremely bad and few of such people are moving around the story with moral ambiguity. This book is somehow different from other adventure stories because the writer did not avoid the issues which are considered inappropriate for the little children. Philip Pullman has clearly given a mixed version of science, technology, mythology and fantasy and this became the exact setting for adventure background. Altogether this is merely a wonderful book which pleases all the readers and all the character setting, storyline are said to be fully enchanted and enthralled. Readers can clearly understand that this book is anticipating the upcoming volume with a baited breath

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