His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman Review

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman Review

His Dark Materials edition including the three novels named as Northern light, the subtle knife and the Amber Spy Glass is being written by Philip Pullman who is one the top novel writer. He is one of the most highly respected children’s authors writing in today’s generation and got many prestigious awards like Carnegie of Carnegies and the Whitbread Award. Philip Pullman’s epic fantasy trilogy named “His Dark Materials” has been acclaimed as the most classic novel in this modern classic world. 17.5 million Copies of this book have been sold worldwide and this book has been translated into 40 languages. He now lives in Oxford and during 2005 he was awarded with the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This book was published by Everyman production and was published on 28th October of 2011 in English language.

Mostly I love reading fantasy novels and I have come across many books on the topic of religion. As days goes on, reading became my hobby and Pullman became my favorite author with the new and exciting stories. Here Pullman presents us with a new universe which is being parallel to the one we know but with more differences. The main fact here is every inhabitant soul is not within them but by walk by their side. Every daemon is the reflection of his/her owner with whom he grows with and is connected to the feelings of that same person. Here this is the world of Lyra who has always felt curiosity with regarding to the magistrate’s reunions and the private room where it took place.  One night, she was along with Pantalaimon who is her daemon, she sneaks into that room and ends up with the strange conversation about something called ‘dust’. She does not what it is exactly but she had a clue that it belongs to some politic circles and something the authorities need to control. Before that, the children begin to disappear everywhere in the country and it is found that there was a big group behind this incident. In this situation Lyra never wanted to leave to college but Mrs. Coulter, invites her to join in one of her travels and she accepted without thinking twice. Here everyone reading this novel will think whether Lyra is going to face a problem because of Mrs. Coulter?  Yes, this revelation tells that this incident will push Lyra into a dangerous trip to the North, where she will make more loyal friends and also terrible enemies. This will be her beginning to the adventure which will extend her to face many other worlds. Later in the story comes a boy who is with the capacity of managing other objects as powerful as the alethiometer and he will join with Lyra in a desperate fight to save not only their own respective worlds but all the worlds which exists from the destruction in which the battle between the church.

So this novel is more exciting with an amazing story and it could be our chance to visit Pullman’s wonderful world once more with his next novel.

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