Gardens Of The Moon (The Malazan Book of the Fallen) – (Steven Erikson)

Gardens Of The Moon (The Malazan Book of the Fallen) – (Steven Erikson)

Gardens of the Moon is one of the best fantasy series in the Malazan Book of the Fallen written by Canadian Author Steven Erikson. This famous novel details different struggles for power on the intercontinental region which is currently dominated by the Malazan Empire. There is an unusual plot structure and high magic used in this novel with an aim to make every reader exciting. This popular novel centers around the imperial campaign for conquering the city namely Darujhistan located on the continent Genabackis.

The best theme in the novel

The novel Gardens of the Moon opens in the 96th year in the Malazan Empire. This period is the final year for the rule of renowned Emperor Kellanved. Ganoes Paran is a young boy who witnessing the sacking of the Malaz City’s Mouse Quarter. He wants to be a qualified soldier when he grows old. However, the veteran solder Whiskeyjack rejects. Author Erikson skips 7 years from this introduction.

In this period, both Emperor and his friend Dancer have been assassinated and replaced by his chief of the assassin corps. Now, Empress Laseen rules with the complete assistance from the Claw, the imperial assistants. This interesting story opens so many years into a series of great wars to conquer the continent of Genabackis. The performance of the Malazan Empire in these wars is the best.

The second army of the Malazan under High Fist Dujek besiege the Pale city which is one of the two free cities in the path of Malazans in Genabackis for so many years.  This city finally falls when the withdrawal of Rake his fortress subsequent to a fierce battle. This empire suffers different losses such as the total destruction of the legendary infantry unit located in its second army.  This empire bled dry by bitter infighting, interminable warfare and bloody confrontations with ancient and implacable sorcerers Anomander Rake and his Tiste Andii.  

The most interesting characters

Different characters in this empire speculate that somebody higher up within the empire and engineering the elimination of other people who were really loyal to the late Emperor.  The entire empire turns its attention to the remaining and last Free City namely Darujhistan.  Some surviving members of the Bridgeburners led by Sergeant Whiskeyjack severely reduced in its rank followed by the seizure of power of Laseen sent to attempt and also weaken the city from within.

A qualified team attempts in the fruitless way to contact the assistance guild of the city with the hope to pay them and betray the city. However, Rake has driven the guild underground. The second-in-command to the Empress Adjunct Lorn is sent for uncovering something in the eastern side of the hills of Darujhistan.  Paran is the captain now and nominal commander of the Bridgeburners along with Tattersall who is the mage to survive the Siege of Pale head toward the city and find the main reason behind the maximum involvement of different gods as well as magical forces present in the campaign.

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