Move to 14th century through time travel just by reading Doomsday Book

Time travel, a very interesting concept which determines the movement between certain periods in time and it is an admirable belief which states that once people moved towards their past centuries using this time travel strategy. Even though is it not up to the mark, some theories also assured that it is really possible to travel to the past centuries using time travel techniques. Many novels are found in English literature which carry the time travel theme and the plots are build based on this particular concept. Among such novels there is a novel which has received many awards for its fame and popularity is Doomsday Book. Connie wills is the author for this novel and she is an American author who has contributed many interesting works for literature. Dooms day is denoted as one of the best novels of this American writer and this novel is strongly build up with the theme time travel. This novel is been created with interesting concepts and let’s see a short crispy summary of this interesting novel.

Diminutive and crispy summary

Kirvin Engle, who is a young historian, is making preparations to study about the medieval period by following the time travel concept. As the time which she wishes to travel was really dangerous because of deadly diseases, her instructors restrict her to move to her past century which is 14th century. One of her instructor, Professor James Dunworthy says it is totally hazardous to move into the period around 1320. As the university has certain criteria which says the time travel study should not be applied to the period which is restricted because of deadly disease and other facts, all other instructors also asks her not to take this risky task. But, professor Gilchrist takes charge for her project and persuades the whole authorities to allow her to travel towards 14th century. He does this restricted act in order to enhance his own fame and prestige. He skips various protocols of the university and he also doesn’t take care about the safety of the young historian Kervin Engle. She enters into the 14th century and after she enters, the instructors find that they had done a minute mistake which pushed the Kirvin Engle still 20 years back and she jumps to 1328 time period where she faces Black Death pandemic issues. To resolve this issue Professor Dunworthy makes Badri to travel to 1348 time period in order to rescue Kirvin Engle. Kirvin Engle watches all struggles and the novel ends by saying how the project comes to a conclusion successfully by bringing back Kirvin Engle to her 21st century shortly after the day of New Year.

Awards won

This novel grabbed many novel readers and fiction lovers with its interesting concepts. Even though this novel was brought up in 1992, it is still popular making all readers enjoys this science fiction with deep interest. This novel has won two prestigious awards which is Hugo and Nebula and also this novel was been nominated for many other important awards given in literature field. The author Connie wills has scripted this novel very uniquely in such a way to attract all the reader categories and thus this novel has received many awards including Locus award.

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