Discworld (Discworld) – Terry Pratchett

Discworld (Discworld) – Terry Pratchett

An English satirist, humorist, author of commercial works and fantasy novel writer is Terry Pratchett. Being a skilful author, Terry Pratchett has contributed a lot to English literature. The best known works of Terry Pratchett will be Discworld series. It is a series constituting 41 novels and “The color of magic” stands first among those 41 successful novels. This novel comes under comic fantasy and it became the most popular novel. The first book of this novel came under British edition and it consisted of only 506 copies. Even though it attained success because of its story and this novel is still popular among novel lovers.

Legendary land – Discworld

This comic book travels all around the legendary land of Discworld. Ankh – Morpork is a city found on Discworld and it is here the story begins. The main character in this novel is played by a character named Rincewind. He is a guide in this novel and he guides Twoflower coming from Agatean Empire. This two flower acts as an insurance clerk in this novel. The whole novel travels around these two important characters. There are also other important characters who act as supporting characters in this novel. This Discworld is found to be a planet-sized flat disc which is been carried through space. About four Gargantuan elephants carry this flat disc on the backs. The surface area of this particular disc has oceans and continents. It is such a dream land and the readers while reading this novel tend to travel into such an excellent fantasy world. The end of this novel segues into “The light Fantastic” and thus all the 41 novels are connected with one another meaningfully.

The color of magic and its sections or chapters

Among 41 series under Discworld novels, there are few series which are been divided into sections and chapters. This first series “The color of magic” is been divided into sections and chapters among those few series. This makes the readers to deeply involve into the novel as it creates more interest while reading.

Extraordinarily funny

Being a comic novel this series is said to be extremely funny. Creating laughter will increase the reader’s interest to a higher extent and so the author has planned effectively to make the readers enjoy reading. Many readers say that this novel lack several interesting factors found in the recent series and even though it stands to be the best because of its comic credentials.

Bestselling novel in market

This novel “The color of magic” is found to be one of the bestselling novels in market. Though there are other different series found under Discworld, this first and the foremost novel attracts all the readers which is turn makes the readers also to read all the other series. Hence, it is clear that this novel also acts as a linking platform for all the other novels.

Such a tremendous novel “The color of magic” can be seen in market still now. Amazon, the giant in online shopping sells this particular novel at low cost. So, readers who have missed reading it can buy them from Amazon using this link and can start their journey to the most admirable world Discworld.

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