Read CEO’s villainess childhood friend novel

Read CEO’s villainess childhood friend novel

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The CEO’svillainess childhood friend is a famous novel from the author of Zhuge Jin. This novel is one of the top 10 novels of this genre as extraordinary theme and unique storyline. There are 194 chapters in this famous novel. The total number of likes, views and sales of this novel in our time reveal the real worth of choosing this novel to read. You can focus on everything about this novel and make a good decision to buy and read this novel. Qiao Moyu awakened and found herself in the distinctive novel world. President is the male protagonist of this novel and loathed her villainess.   

Who is Qiao Moyu?

Qiao Moyu is the childhood friend of the President. She came to his door whilst holding a beloved baby. However, the main said he would not take any responsibility because the baby was not his.  She started at her proud and adorable little toddler and decided to take his opportunity to raise her son. She has chosen acting career and has a fresh start in this career. She will just take it easy because some other problems in her life. On the other hand, there is a notable change in the life as the President said that you are not some disgusting mosquito blood. He also said that you are my white moonlight that is the first love.

In this situation, Luo Luo said that he is not the father of Baobei and he does not want him either.  An unknown film emperor said that he want both she and the child. Online fans of this novel said that Qiao Moyu is ours. The chapter two in the novel The CEO’s villainess childhood friend is about a seductive figure. Qiao Mayu sent some photos and videos of the female protagonist who is with another man to Xing Yichen in an anonymous way. She played the role white Lotus in front of him. However, the male protagonist realized her intentions at the end. She resorted to strip off her clothes and drugging a man with an idea to turn raw rice into cooked streaming rice.

The best novel to read in your free time

The overall efforts of Qiao Moyu to seduce the male protagonist end in failure as she was the villainess in the novel. She will never win his overall affection regardless of how she seduces him. The female protagonist of this novel becomes the female empress, but also wins the male protagonist’s unconditional love till death.

Readers of this novel are excited with the romance, fantasy, drama and comedy themes from the beginning to end. They get ever-increasing desires to read this novel and make a good decision to spend their leisure. If you read every chapter of this renowned novel in your leisure, then you will be eager to read the next chapter and willing to know things happening in this story. Every character in this popular novel excites readers of every age group especially teens and adults who love romance.

CEO’s villainess childhood friend novel

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