An unmatched fantasy novel Black Sun Rising from C.S. Friedman

An unmatched fantasy novel Black Sun Rising from C.S. Friedman

A famous American writer C.S. Friedman written the fantasy novel Black Sun Rising published in 1991 by DAW Books. This novel is the first book in the Coldfire Trilogy subsequent to When True Night Falls. This extraordinary novel takes place on the fictional planet namely Erna following the perspective of a priest of the Church of Human Unification on Erna namely Damien Vryce. This tale starts with him entering the Jaggonath city that is mimicry of the Jerusalem today as the pagan religions which advocate the personal god worship and the same church One God shares the city. He has arrived for the purpose of assisting the Patriarch of his Church with a new and controversial mission. He has to teach initiates of his order the sorcery’s rudiments with the overall energy force recognised as the Fae. 

The main theme of the novel

As a beginner to this novel, you may wish to get an overview about this novel at first. Erna is a seismically active and attractive world settled by colonists from places far-distant Earth. On the other hand, this seemingly habitable planet was entirely loaded with perils and nobody could have foretold. All colonists here found themselves caught in the battle for their survival against the fae that is a frightening natural force with the maximum power to prey upon the mind of the human itself. This unfavourable thing also draws forth the worst nightmare images of a person or treasured dreams give them life in the indiscriminate way.  The mankind has achieved stalemate after 12 centuries of the first stranded the colonists on this planet.

Qualified and committed human sorcerers properly manipulate the fae for their own benefits. They realize that demonic forces feed upon some forces are quickly gaining in the entire strength. Four people namely Sorcerer, Apprentice, Adept and Priest are about to be drawn together in the inexorable way for a particular mission which forces them to deal with the evil beyond their overall imaginations. The hordes of the dark fae multiply for achieving the goal. This situation puts their own lives and also very fate of the people in danger. This team encounters a man Gerald Tarrant when they make their way north. Gerald Tarrant is the servant of the Hunter who is a powerful Adept and living in the middle of the Fae’s vortex. He accompanies this team for a time and some unexplained purposes.

Enjoy your free time with this novel

These people are accosted by the Soul Eaters on the night as the part rests at an inn nearby the forest. The Soul Eaters are the main reason behind the current condition of Ciani.  There is a hooded woman in the mysterious appearance and used the Tidal Fae in the immense of the bewilderment of the fight to help them. Tarrant immediately loses the self-control and feeds upon the vulnerable Ciani by an accident. This situation is sapping her about her remaining memories. Damien tries to confront Tarrant who is in a strangely weakened condition in a rage and Tarrant flees with Ciani.

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