An unbiased review of fantasy novel – The Night Circus

An unbiased review of fantasy novel – The Night Circus

The Night Circus was originally written for the purpose of annual writing completion namely National Novel Writing Month by Erin Morgenstern.  This famous novel has a nonlinear written from several viewpoints. Doubleday is the publisher of this novel which is published in 2011. This novel is a phantasmagorical fairy tale set near the famous historical Victorian London in the wandering magical circus.  This renowned circus opens only from the sunset to sunrise. Wonders featured in Le Cirque des Reves that is the circus of dreams makes readers of this novel very excited. There is a blooming garden beautifully made of ice, vertical cloud maze and acrobats soaring devoid of a net. Patrons here easily get lost simply step off and float to the floor.

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There is no set schedule for this circus. This circus is appearing devoid of any warning and leaving without any notice. People here travel in a train and disguised as usual coal transport. Devoted fans of circus activities these days style themselves as reveurs known as dreamers and develops around the circus. They add a splash of red to garb to identify each other and otherwise match the overall characterstics white and black of the circus tents.  There are two star-crossed magicians take part in the deadly game of cunning in this circus. This spellbinding bestseller novel does not fail to capture the imagination of the world. Black and white striped canvas tents in this circus give the unique experience for everyone who explores full of breathtaking things only at night.

The fierce competition is underway behind the scenes. The duel between young magicians namely Celia and Marco is the main part of this novel. These two magicians have been well trained since their childhood by their mercurial instructors. This is a game in which one person can be left standing and unbeknownst to them both. Celia and Marco soon tumble headfirst into love regardless of the high stakes. There is a setting of a domino effect of unsafe consequences which leave the lives of everyone from patrons to the performers hang in the balance. The most interesting characters and storyline play the important role behind the ever-increasing success rate of this novel.

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The circus is designed to serve a darker purpose further than both entertainment and profit. Two powerful magicians Mr. A.H and Prospero the Enchanter properly groom young protegs Marco Alisdair and Celia Bowen to proxy their rivalry with all the exhibits as the stage. Celia takes her position on the game board while Prospero teaches his daughter about how to hone her innate talents by holding larger and complex magical workings in her mind. On the other hand, Mr. A.H trains his orphan ward with the best books specialized in the glyphs and sympathetic magic as well as illusory worlds. Marco Alisdair takes a position as an assistant to the circus’s producer and works from the outside in and connects to the circus through a magical link. 

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