When you are reading an interesting book like the wrinkle in time, it makes you to feel that you are traveling to the world of unreality and having lots of fun over there. The story starts up with an interesting start of dark and stormy night with the Meg Murry and her brother Charles Wallace. Her mother comes from the kitchen for having a midnight snacks. During that situation a strange and most disturbing stranger arrived over there. It was written by the Madeleine Lengle best medal winning author he narrated his story in the different effect.

It creates a thrilling feel and this story was narrated about the experience of a 13 years old Meg Murry about how she had rescued her father. Her brother Charles Wallace and Calvin O’Keefe had travelled through the time and space that too with the help of the supernatural beings and battles the evil. She had met with the several challenges and attempted bans. The challenges that is focused mainly on its book blend on the religion and the supernatural along with the science that has criticized both the being that too religious as well as not religious enough.

The move of this book would be something emotional and magical

This story expresses the great idea and phenomena of the religion, science and magic and the same things displayed with the different views. The Meg’s fathers would have experiencing the fifth dimensional of the time travel while the mysterious disappeared. She also learns about the importance of the love as well as family, in this story he feels insecure and how she developed her courage. The character of the growth was nice at this time there it seems to be little contrived. There one second she find out the brink of the death that under grip of IT and she was facing the great support.

You can find out a different type of the characters who can get benefitted from the development. Here throughout the story one can find out the reference of the Christianity, quotes from the scriptures that have been mentioned by the guardian angels and the idea that God is in the charge of everything. Anyone who loves to read the book can start reading the books, this book provides the road map for seeking the knowledge and the compassions even during the worst times.


Meg does not fit anywhere and beside feelings where she look as like an odd and she does not be regular material at school. Her father get vanished that too without explanation, years that to before causing the talk around the town. The explanation that is given for travelling to the different places was just given with the best explanation that made the readers to fall in crazier in reading out the book because that much interesting feel and things are hidden inside a wrinkle in time. After starting to read you can itself start feeling about it.

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