A Game Of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) – George R.R. Martin)

The game of thrones is a new novel written by George R.R. Martin. This is a foremost in the epic series about the land. The seasons of this novel is shifting between the episodes of superficially countless summer and winter. This novel story actually starts with the Kingdom of Winterfell, which faces both internal and external hazards. Outside the boundaries, the cold is returning and a dragon leader is cunning to win back its vanished kingdom and also the eggs of long vanished dragons are starting to hatch evidently. Inside the Winterfell himself, the war explodes very fast, when the king is killed by the family clutching for illegal command. Even most of the fans of magic and sword will enjoy the epic choice of this book and somewhat a variation of the step for Martin who has invested the past decades working for TV and also who has long been respected for his award engaging stories. 

Initially, the first book of a game of thrones was released in the year of 1996. Since, another three books have also been released with a fifth trustfully to be released later. This story is explained in eight perspectives and each perspective is held inside a chapter, when the characters are moving away from each other and also let the author to leave minor cliff hangers consistently at an end of every chapter. The six characters of this first epic book are from similar family and the perspective is moved around in previous books. Actually, the Martin does not shy away from death, plunder and rape, which would have been norm for a setting as well as in performing, so it offers much fuller story. All over the complete series, the Martin is mainly focused upon a continent. There is also another character named as Daenerys Targaryen who has been pushed to flee to an individual continent as a youth girl. 

This game of thrones is a 694-page novel, which starts a series in several ways. Its wall-hanging is fulfilling complex and rich as well as intertwining composed dozens of characters’ minor and major in a vast range of shades of villain and hero, which are all notable and bright. Here, the entire settings are correspondingly suggestive and miscellaneous. The Martin transcribes as credibly of biting juices discharge from the apple as of snow on a side of the mountain as well as his book is more voyage of a wisdom, when it is of a mind. On the other hand, a cover full of living dead as well as smidgen of dragons are served, which complements a little bit to the story. Certainly, they might be setting a ground work for developments that appear strong at an end, but their presence in a game of seats appears a little bit more than haze and chill on a window. Therefore, this is a very excellent novel that is full of twists and turns, so it makes the readers more interesting to study. 


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